Rummy rules and winning trick in Bappa rummy game

Hello friends, welcome to our new post today in which we will tell you about Bappa Rummy Rummy Rules.Bappa Rummy Winning TRick I will also tell you. By following the TRick you can earn lakhs of rupees on Bappa Rummy.

 Friends, today many people earn money by playing online games, but the most played online games are Teen Patti and Rummy. People earn a lot of money by playing these games. If you are also among those people who play online rummy, then after reading this post today, you will start earning lakhs of rupees sitting at home by playing online rummy. Because in this post we will tell you about Rummy Winning. By following Jisko you can definitely win lakhs of rupees.

Rummy Winning Trick in Bappa Rummy  App

  • Bappa RUmmy’s Winning trick is that whenever you want to play a game, do not start playing the game immediately in the beginning.
  • First of all, open the app in Bappa.
  •  Now I also play Rummy games.
  •  After playing rummy, play one round.
  •  After this, go to the bank and come to the dashboard.
  •  After this, move the games given on the dashboard here and there.
  •  Now open the rummy again.
  •  After this you play the biggest bet of rummy, this time you will definitely win.

 But the Winning Trick on Bappa Rummy App works only once a day. If you follow the trick more than once a day, you will definitely lose your money, that is why use this trick only once a day. |

 And use this truck next time only on the next day only then this trick will work otherwise it will not work.


Many people earn a lot of money by playing rummy on Bappa Rummy but many of them also lose their money. That is why I have also told a winning trick to play rummy on Bappa Rummy, by following which you can earn lakhs of rupees on Bappa Rummy. Can also earn.
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