Jhandi Munda winning trick in bappa rummy

Bappa Rummy Winning Trick SEries  In another article we will tell you how Bappa Rummy can use JHandi Munda Winning Trick on you. With the help of which you can win lakhs of rupees by playing the Jhandi Munda game on Bappa Rummy.

Although many people play Jhandi Munda Game, many of them lose their money. Because they do not know how to play Jhandi Munda Game properly, let us tell you step by step how to play Jhandi Munda Game so that you do not suffer loss but get only profit.

 Jhandi Munda Winning Trick

Whenever you play Jhandi Munda Game on Bappa Rummy App. So keep in mind that you do not play this game for a long time.

 If you play the Jhandi Munda game in Bappa Rummy for a long time then you will definitely start losing. You can play this game two or four times a day and do not play Jhandi Munda more than that. So let’s come straight to its winning trick.

  •  First of all, open Bappa Rummy.
  • Now click on Jhandi Munda Game visible on the dashboard.
  • After this, you will see 6 tables in front of you, which you have to keep looking at carefully for about 2 minutes.
  • After looking carefully, you bet for the first time on a table where you get 5 times more money.
  • If you win on that table the first time, then next time you bet on some other table instead of that table.

 And if you lose money on that table, then the next time you bet on the same table, keep betting like this until you win on that table. And if you get a bin on that table then do not bat on that table for the second time.

 You can apply the same process on all other tables as well, that is, if you win the bet on the table on which you have placed a bet, then do not bet on that table, rather change your bet.

 After this, bet on the table which you lost last time, this makes your betting rate higher and your chances of winning become higher.


 Jhandi Munda is very easy, you just have to apply some simple tricks. Which you can play very easily. In this post, I have told you how you can apply the jhandi Munda trick on Bappa Rummy. Through which you can earn maximum money.

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