Bappa rummy apk ludo play rules and win strategy

 Hello friends, welcome to this article of our bappa rummy earning series, in which we will tell you how you can earn money by playing Ludo on bappa rummy app. Also, after reading this article, you will get money on bappa rummy app.Ludo Earning Trick You will also know about.

Bappa  Rummy Ludo Game Play Rules 

There are two types of Ludo games given on Bappa rummy app, in which the rules of both types of Ludo games are different. To whom I will tell in detail what are the Ludo Rules on Bappa Rummy App.

  1. Simply a Game
  2. Quick Ludo

simple ludo – To win in this Ludo, you have to put all your pieces inside first. Whoever gets all his pieces inside will win.

You can play this game online with 2 and 4 people. The more people you play this game with, the more time it will take and the less people you play this game with, the less time it will take to play the game.

Quick Ludo – To win this Ludo on bappa Rummy, you have to first put any one of your pieces inside. Whoever puts his piece inside first will be called the winner of this game. It takes less time to play this game than Simple Ludo. You can also play this game with 2 or 4 people.


Many people are earning a lot of money by playing Ludo Game on bappa rummy. If you are also one of those people who are fond of playing Ludo online then bappa rummy app download can do And you can also earn money online by playing Ludo on this app.

If you have any questions related to this post and bappa rummy app, then you can ask us through comment, we will try our best to solve your problem.

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