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everyone wants to earn money by playing rummy online. But not everyone gets real rummy app. Due to which they are not able to earn money by playing rummy. If you are fond of playing land and want to earn money by playing games like rummy and Teen Patti. Rummy Rani Apk can be the best option for you. For this, first you have to download Rummy Rani Apk, only after that you will be able to earn money from it.

App NameRummy Rani / Rummy Ranee
App size27 MB
Mode Inforummy Apk
Last UpdateSeptember 2023
PublisherRani App
Genrerummy RAni App
Refer ProgrammeYes
Refer Commission25% Referral Commission
Trust Score96% ( Very Good )
Get It onGoogle Play Store
Download LinkClick Here
Rummy Rani APK Downloadable Contant

 This Rummy Rani has just been launched which is working properly and is giving timely payment to its users due to which many people are doing Rummy Rani Apk and also earning money from Rummy RAni App.

Rummy RAni Apk Download

 To download Rummy RAni Apk, you have to follow some steps given below. With the help of which you can download Rummy Rani Apk very easily.

  •  First of all click on the Download Now button given above.
  •  Rummy Rani Apk will start downloading as soon as you click on the download button.
  •  After this you can install it on your mobile and start earning money by playing us.

 Rummy Rani Apk Fast Download Link

 Here we have given a link to download Rummy RAni Apk, by clicking on which you can download Rummy Rani Apk at a very fast speed.

 Shorte Review Of Rummy Ranee GAme

Rummy RAni has just become new, it did not have that many users yet but in the last few months it has grown tremendously and has also increased its number a lot.

 a lot of people Rummy Rani Apk Download Have created your account on it and play many games with the help of sign up bonus.

 On creating an account on this, you also get a sign up bonus of ₹ 50 with the help of which you can play any game available on this app.

 If you want to earn money by playing big games in this game, then you will need to add some money for that. For which you can add only ₹ 100 in this app and earn a lot of money by playing big games in this game.

 When you win some money in this game, you can also withdraw it into your bank account. To withdraw money to your bank account, you must have at least ₹ 100 in your wallet.

 If you face any kind of problem on Rummy Rani apk, then whenever you ask for help from V Support system, their customer care will always be ready to solve your problem.

Rummy Rani Apk login

After downloading Rummy Rani Apk, you will need to create your account on this app, only then you will be able to login to Rummy Rani.

 You can create your account on Rummy Rani app by following the steps given below.

  •  When you will download this app by clicking on the Download now button given above.
  •  Then you will need to install it on your mobile.
  •  After installation, first open this app.
  •  As soon as it opens, a registration will be sent to you.
  •  Here you have to enter your mobile number and click on OTP.
  • As soon as you do this, an OTP will come on your mobile number.
  •  Once you verify the OTP, your account will be created on Rummy Rani APK.
  •  Now you can earn money by playing any game in this app.

Rummy Rani Mod apk download

 If you have downloaded Rummy Rani apk and you are not able to earn money on this app, then I will tell you a solution due to which you can earn a good amount of money on Rummy Rani App.

Rummy Rani min

 For this, first you have to download Rummy Rani Mod Apk. To download, you will have to follow some steps given below, even after this you will be able to download Rummy Rani Mod Apk.

  •  First of all click on the Download Now button given above
  • By doing this, rummy rani mod apk will be downloaded.
  • Now you can earn money by installing it in your mobile.

Availabe games in Rummy Rani Apk

There are many games available on rummy rani apk such as Teen Patti, Rummy, POker, Andar Bahar, many similar games are available, the list of which I have given below.

  • I do Patti
  • Rummmy
  • Poker
  • Andar Bahar
  • 7 up Down
  • Dragon v/s Tiger
  • Red v/s Black
  • Roulette
  • CarRoulatte
  • Point Rummy
  • Rummy War
  • Rummy Jal

 Daily Reward in Rummy rani app 2023]

rummy rani daily rewards
Rummy Rani Apk weekly reward

When you create a new account on Rummy Rani Apk, you will get a bonus every day for 1 week, the details of which are as follows.

  •  First day ₹5
  •  ₹7 on the second day
  •  ₹10 on the third day
  •  ₹12 on the fourth day
  •  ₹15 on the fifth day
  •  ₹20 on the sixth day
  •  ₹51 on the seventh day

 In this way, you will keep getting bonus every day for 1 week, through which you can play any game and earn money and can also send your winning money to your bank account.

Rummy Rani Apk Customer Care Number

 The biggest problem that comes while playing online games is that if your payment ever gets stuck then how will that payment come? This payment fails on many apps and they do not get any kind of customer support.

 But this is not the case with this app, whenever you face any problem on this app, you can get the solution to that problem through the customer care number of this app.

 This Rummy Rani Apk Customer Care Number is very good, whenever you call them you will get immediate reply.

Refer and earn Programe of Rummy Rani Game 2024

 On this, money is earned by playing games. But to earn money, there is a separate option available with the help of which you can earn money from Rummy Rani without investment.

rummy rani refer and earn
reummy ranee arefer and earn

 For that you will have to join this Rummy Rani Refer and Earn Program. Because its Referral Program is very amazing, by joining its referral program you can earn lakhs of rupees per month. That is why it would not be inappropriate to say that it is one of the selected apps which are included in the Best Refer and Earn Apps List.

 When you refer someone on this app, you will directly get direct ₹25. After this you will not get anything.

 If your referral adds some money to play games on this app. So you get 25% of his linked money as commission.

 That means if your friend adds ₹1000 then you will get ₹250 as commission. Which you can also transfer to your bank account.

Rummy Rani Apk  Withdraw proof

 Here I have placed an image in which I have given Rummy Rani Apk Payment Proof. Seeing which you will believe that the payment is actually being made.

rummy rani payment proof
rummy rani payment

Play game win cash on Rummy Rani Apk

 When you create your account on this app. So you will become eligible to earn money by playing games on this app.

rummy rani
rummy rani

 Once this is done, you can quickly play any game in this app and earn a lot of money. I have already told you in the list above which are the games in this app by playing which you can earn money.

 So you do not need to understand much now, quickly download Rummy Rani Apk and earn lakhs of rupees from the games available on this app.

Rummy rani apk gold card buy

 There is also a Gold Card feature on this app with the help of which people get many bonuses.

rummy rani gold card buy
rummy rani gold card buy

 If you want to get extra bonus on Rummy Rani apk then you must buy a gold card.

By purchasing Rummy Rani app gold card, you get an additional bonus, this bonus is not available all at once in a single day. Rather, it keeps getting added to your wallet little by little for 7 days.

 Withdraw cash in Rummy Rani app 

 When you earn money by playing games on Rummy Rani App, then you can also transfer it to your bank account. For which you will have to repeat this process.

  •  First of all click on the withdraw button visible on the dashboard.
  •  By doing this you will reach the withdraw page.
  •  Here you will have to fill all your banking details.
  •  After filling the banking details, you will have to select your withdrawal amount.
  •  After choosing the withdraw amount, click on the Proceed option.
  •  As soon as you do this, the money will be deducted from your wallet and reach your bank account.
  •  This process may take from 2 seconds to 1 week.

 If the money does not reach your bank account within this time interval, then you can get the solution to your problem on Rummy Rani apk customer care number.

Frequently Asked Question

 Here I will tell you some questions and answers about Rummy Rani app so that you will not have any questions related to the Rummy Rummy app.

 Where to download Rummy Rani App?

 Is Rummy Rani App Fraud?

 How is Rummy Rani real or fake?

 What is the minimum withdrawal amount on Rummy Rani App?

 What is the minimum amount on this app?

 Is there any referral program for Rummy Rani app?

Other new rummy apps

 Here I have given you information about Rummy Rani App. Along with this, the method to download Rummy Rani Apk is also explained. But if you want to earn money by playing games on other apps besides this app, then here I am giving links of some famous and trusted apps, by downloading which you can earn even more money.

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Rummy Rani App is a very good trusted app. Therefore you can earn money by downloading this app. For that, I have told you above how to download Rummy Rani Apk. Then quickly download this app and earn money.

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